10 Emojis which has different meaning than how we assume it to be

July 17 is Emoji day, a chance to think about all the funny faces and amazing pictures we use to show how we are feeling without words. The first emojis were invented by Japanese designer Shigetaka Kurita in 1999 and since they have become so popular that now around 10 billion are sent each day!

There are more than 1,800 different emojis to choose from, but that library is about to expand. Apple is previewing its new emojis like a ninja, boomerang, piñata, and bubble tea.

So today let us know something unique about a list of emojis which we use but don’t know the correct meaning:

  1. The “JAZZ” hands from bring it on

These are not the jazz hands from “Bring It On”. This just means your hands are open and you are down to hug it out.

2. Emoji without a smile

This emoji without a mouth represents silence, but we’ve seen people use it to convey confusion or angst. It is an emotional-tone marker to indicate sadness, linliness, disappointment, emptiness and genuine self-depreciation. It symbolizes sheepishness.

3. Antlers on head

Those are not antlers on her head. It is just the depiction of a girl receiving a face massage.

4. A look alike fire emoji

People often confuses this emoji with the fire one. This emoji might look like it, but it is just a name badge. AKA fire tag, name tag, tofu on fire. This emoji identify’s oneself in a location that offers may not know your name, such as a school trip or a work conference.

5. A wine glass

This emoji is brand new- it just arrived with iOS 10.2- but it’s not quite what you think. While most of us see a bourbon served neat,this one is meant to be a generic tumbler.

6. A gifft card

Usually this emoji is mistook as a gift card. This emoji is just a book mark, as used to mark one’s place in a book. May also represent bookmarks on an internet browser. Appearance varis across platforms.

7. Shout man emoji

This emoji looks like a man talking or speaking. But this is an emoji of a man shouting. This emoji is used to make sure the tone of the language remain in order.

8. Sun behind small cloud

A yellow sun partially covered by a small white cloud. Position of the cloud varies across platforms. This emoji should not be confused with the emoji of sun behind a large cloud, their applications may overlap. This icon mostly represents a sunny day but the large cloud represents cloudy day.

9.Grinning face

This emoji is mistook as a grinning face. It basically shows exercise or happy sweat. This emoji also depicts nerves or discomfort but commonly used to express a close call, as if saying WHEW!. A wiping sweat from the forehead.

10. Red monster face

This emoji looks like a monster face but actually it is a Japanese Ogre. This is a devil, or a character from “Where The Wild Things Are” this agre is commonly found in Japanese art and literature.


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