75000 crore rupees to be invested in India by google : says googles ceo Sundar pichai

Yes, you read it right. Sundar Pichai has taken the decision of investing rs 75000 in india. In a discussion held by our prime minister Mr Narendra Modi and the chief executive of google and alphabet Mr Sundar Pichai, on monday discussed many relevant subjects upon this pandemic. They also talked about all the challenges being faced by the economy due to this deadly circumstances

During this conversation Pichai addressed the sixth annual edition of google for india virtual event and announced a digital fund. Google is ready to invest $10 billion in india over the next 5 to seven years.

Sundar pichai also said that they will do this through a mix of equity investment, partnership and operational, infrastructure and ecosystem investment.

Later our PM shared with us on twitter by tweeting

on this Sundar Pichai replied

Replied : thank you for your time pm Narendra Modi very optimistic about your vision for digital India and excited to continue our work towards it later today we share our next steps on that journey at #google for India.

Initially Sundar Pichai shared a photo stating #google for India.


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