Enormous volcanoes found on Venus

Recently, scientist has discovered many active volcanoes on Venus. Venus is normally the dormant planet, but who knows there are active volcanoes which are errupting.

Many scientists had long thought that Venus is lacking the plate tectonics. It gradually reshape Earth’s surface, was essentially dormant geologically. Having been so for the past half billion years.

The researchers determined the type of geological features that could exist only in a recently active corona. A telltale trench surrounding the structure. Then they scoured radar images of Venus taken by Nasa’s Magellan spacecraft. In the 1990s they found coronae that fit the bill. Of 133 coronae examined, 37 appear to have been active in the past 2m to 3m years. A blink of the eye in geological time.

Venus, being the forsaken place it is, is the rare active planet that doesn’t generate its own magnetic field internally. This planet is really about as inviting as a mouthful of razor wire.

Scientists suspects evidence of volcanic activity on Venus for a while now. 

Venus is Earth’s closest and just slightly smaller planetary neighbour, is covered by clouds of sulphuric acid and has surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead.

Spacecrafts had sent to venus to get a close look of what it actually looks like. This discovery has shook the NASA.


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