How to concentrate on studies easily?

There are many students who complains that they cannot concentrate on their studies. Studies are an integral part of our life which we cannot skip. The best way is to overcome this problem is to face it. We cannot cut out studies from our lives in this current scenario. But with some cool hacks we can improve our level of concentration as well as method of studying. So that the studies trun out to be fun.

Think of a time when you were totally engrossed in something you really enjoyed, for example a movie, a book, a game of rugby or netball. The trick is to use the right strategies to unlock your natural ability to concentrate and apply these to your studies. If, however, you try the strategies below and still struggle to concentrate, contact our Library and Learning Centre;  we may be able to provide additional support.

First things first, make sure your mind is relaxed and think that it has the capability to engross things.

Start with a plan

  • Sit with a rough notebook and draw up a schedule of what all to complete.
  • on another page write down your daily routine without including studies.
  • next, sort out the time during the day when you are the most active.
  • after that, differentiate the subjects with your strengths and eventually your weakness.
  • Distribute, in logical sequence that on which subject you need to focus. eg, in which you ranked poorly.
  • after distributing the subjects now do the same with the chapters. (pick each subject at a time)

Start making Goals

  • Before starting, make sure you are in a relax state of mind.
  • Think in the beginning that you have to set acheivable goals.
  • start writing down the chapters and the time to allocate in a day.
  • cut out the piece of paper and stick it in front of your study table so that it can keep you reminding.
  • settle down and start from the scratch.
  • donot hesitate to seek the solution for any of your problems.
  • as soon as problem starts to arise, try to solve it then itself with anyboby’s help.

Begin learning

  • make sure you put the bookish words in your own words for an easy understanding.
  • try to scribble down the things you have understood and learned then itself.
  • take one paragraph at a time and finish it completely.
  • keep reminding yourself that you have to accomplish what you want.
  • dont let your body posture affect you.
  • choose a desk and a chair so that your body posture is straight.

Take breaks

  • Learn to take a break after each 45 minutes.
  • In the beginning if you are unable to sit for longer hours, make it short.
  • or you can take an half an hour break after every one hour.
  • during breaks try to solve any kind of puzzel(easy ones) or more suitably listen to music. avoid metallics.
  • Return back to studies after the break and continue.

Learn to say STOP

Every time you notice your thoughts wandering, tell yourself to ‘stop’. Then slowly bring your thoughts back to your studies. Initially, you might have to do this many times each study session, but with practice you’ll find you are able to focus for longer periods.

If you find it almost impossible to re-focus try taking a break, switching to another subject or topic, or using a different study strategy.

Things you can do in your break time

  • you can colour all the consonants in a newspaper article.
  • you can solve sudoku.
  • solve a jigsaw puzzle.


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