Jio5g mobile phone is to set a new landmark

Reliance Industry Limited announces the development of it’s Jio Phone 3 5G. The chairman of parent Reliance Industries said,”a complete 5G solution created from scratch. It will in-house created by Jio can be ready for field deployments in 2021″.

Ambani said the operator’s 4G and fiber network is poweres several core software technologies. It’s components have developed by Jio engineers in India.

“This capability and know-how that Jio has developed positions. Jio on the cutting edge of another exciting frontier – 5G,” Ambani said. “We will enable us to launch a world-class 5G service in India using 100% home-grown technologies and solutions.”

The 5G kit will be ready for trials as soon as 5G spectrum becomes available. It will be ready for field deployments in 2021, Ambani added.

Ambani in his presentation said there are 350 million Indians who currently use a 2G feature phone. They would want to upgrade to a conventional smartphone if it was affordable.

“We believe we can design an entry-level 4G. Even a 5G, smartphone for a fraction of its current cost,” Ambani said. 

To that end, it’s partnering with Google to build an Android-based smartphone operating system, designed with India in mind.Jio changed India’s telecom landscape with the deployment of affordable LTE connectivity, bringing millions of Indians online for the first time.

Now with 5G on the horizon, Jio hopes to be in the driving seat and beat others in market with its deployment. Interestingly, Jio says that its entire infrastructure for 5G deployment is designed and developed in India, which will be a rare achievement in the field of networking.Once the Jio 5G is proven at India scale, Jio will also export 5G solutions to other telecom operators globally.

As jio is going to collab with google, an Android-based mobile phone will be created. To this the google CEO Sundar Pichai commented the following:

“I am excited that our joint collaboration will focus on increasing access for hundreds of millions of Indians. Who don’t currently own a smartphone while improving the mobile experience for all”.

A smartphone with an Android-based OS is to be developed. This will be an entry-level smartphone with optimizations to the OS and the Play Store. So that it will be accessible even for the lower-powered devices.

The phone will also include a local ecosystem. Ensuring that the device with the apps and services in the Play Store is within reach of all users. With this Mr Mukesh Ambani also said they are trying to create “2G-mukth Bharat”.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai in a video appearance said:

“getting technology into the hands of more people is a big part of our mission,” and Google through its partnership with Jio Platforms sees a chance to have a greater impact than either entity could alone.

Pichai said he was excited the joint collaboration would focus on increasing access for hundreds of millions of Indians who don’t currently own a smartphone, while simultaneously improving the mobile experience for all.

The target for Reliance Jio over the next three years would be to connect half a billion mobile customers, a billion smart sensors and 50 million home and business establishments.


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