Kerala’s royal family gets to administer one of India’s shrine: Sree padmanabhaswamy temple

The Thiruvananthapuram temple, Padmanabhaswamy temple a very popular temple in Kerala. This temple is of Lord Padmanabha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. The famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram is one of the most popular shrines in India. On Monday, the supreme court ordered the Travancore royal family to administer and control the Padmanabha Swamy temple.

The case of a dispute was on. The top court overtime the January 2011 judgment of the Kerala High court. Which stated that the state government should take over the control of the temple. A trust headed by the former royal family was in charge.

The members of the royal family were happy to get this allowance. In this joyous moment princess, Gouri Lakshmi Bai of the erstwhile Travancore royal family said,” great god’s will prevailed. Will say more about it after going through the whole verdict.”

Devotees were very happy they came out of the temple. They expressed their happiness by giving sweets to everybody. There were many devotees whose eyes filled with water.

In August 2012, senior advocate Gopal Subramanium as amicus curiae by the supreme court. Subramanyam gave a bulky report of how the temple was miss managed by the ex-royal family.

The temple was under the control of a trust. It was under the ex-royal family till April 2014. The top court by way of a crucial interim order handed over its management to a four-member administrative committee headed by a district judge.

Now, as per the court’s order article 8. The agreement provides administration of the Padmanabhaswamy temple to be conducted. It subjects to the control and supervision of the ruler of Travancore. An executive officer was appointed by the ruler.

An amazing fact is that five of its six vaults of the temple were open. “Kallara” is the vault in Malayalam. Many treasure of gold and other priceless objects was found. It estimated that the intrinsic value of the treasure worth rupees 90,000 crores. Five vaults where opened. The remaining one is now in abeyance by the apex court


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