Life and Lockdown

people shares their view on life during lockdown.

Life won’t be same for many people

It is really appreciable that almost everyone is cooperating with the government by staying at home. As we have entered Lockdown 3.0, the country has been divided into red, orange and green zones. After the Covid-19 pandemic bids goodbye to us, life would not be the same. Everyone will take precautionary measures in his/her life in future. Businesses will take a long time to come back on track. As far as students are concerned, their syllabus may be cut short.

Bonds between kin to become stronger

One hopes the pandemic will leave an indelible impression on many of us, making us to maintain cleanliness and follow good discipline in our life. After the pandemic has run its course, we — men, women and children — will develop more emotional proximity towards our kin. Bonds may become stronger and communal intolerance may end. The habit of washing hands, learnt during the lockdown, will continue, at least for some time.

Things will be back to square one

The clean air we are enjoying these days may be replaced by pollution soon after the lockdown is lifted. People would tend to behave in the same way as they would before the lockdown. Tranquillity and quietude will give way to noise pollution on roads. As usual, stubble-burning will take place in some states, resulting in smog and haze in the atmosphere.

Lifestyle, habits set to change for some time

A big change would be seen in our lifestyle and habits. But I beg to differ. Once the lockdown ends, slowly but surely things will revert to earlier positions. Even during the lockdown period, one can witness how the protocols are being violated. For example, one can see a long queue of people outside banks and liquor vends who do not follow the social distancing and other norms.A few years ago when carcinogenic elements were found in noodles and a reputed soft drink, almost everyone stopped consuming noodles and cold drinks.

Auto drivers to face consequences too

In the holy city, the air-conditioned BRTS service is providing free travel to school students and a heavy discount is extended to college goers and senior citizens in it. Now, the social distancing norm would be followed for months to come in BRTS services, causing a great financial loss to it. Fewer passengers in them would mean less or no profit. Similarly, autos, running in thousands, are a cheaper mode of transport for people. The auto drivers would be worst-hit as the government will not allow them to carry more than two passengers. In that scenario, they would lose customers or passengers have to pay more to reach their destinations.

Visiting shopping malls to be thing of past

With the chances of revival of industries looking bleak, there may be job losses in lakhs. One wonders how the workers in the unorganised sector after losing their jobs would make ends meet and how they will rear their families. With sporting face masks and maintaining social distance becoming norms these days, one hopes people’s lifestyles, shopping and eating habits would change. The ban on spitting and littering in public places would help in maintaining cleanliness in our surroundings.

People to understand the value of hygiene

We all know that the coronavirus has already changed the world and it will not be the same again at least for years to come. Our social life will have many new norms, especially in our social functions or outings. On the other hand, many employers may decrease their staff, leading to unemployment. Moreover, the work-from-home culture will stay. There is a possibility of NGOs changing their focus on promoting nature as the lockdown has made us understand the importance of nature. Henceforth, when it comes to travelling, the focus will be on going to such places as will bring us close to nature.

Adversity is the best teacher

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how fragile and unpredictable our lives are. Post lockdown, almost all countries of the world would face a slowdown in their economies, besides facing business disruption, travel obstruction, public seclusion, etc. It would bring a paradigm shift in thinking and working. Institutions around the globe have switched to online modes of working while global mobility has come to a standstill.


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