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LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fourth paragraph of release has been revised.

The corrected release reads:


BRAVADA International Ltd ( (Pink Sheets: BRAV), a website specializing in consumer provisioning of face masks and personal protection devices (PPE’s) for civilian use, is looking to expand its mix of products after the first 3 months of operations yielded valuable consumer trends and preferences. It is with this market intelligence that the company shall use to continue to expand its product offering and lower its prices to ensure that it consistently provides the very best products at the best prices with the best service to its customers. High demand items include stylish camouflage face masks, graphic print masks, sport face masks, floral face masks designs, and even sequin and rhinestone face masks with features such as air valves, nose bars (wires) and adjustable ear straps have been popular as well. In addition, the Medical Mask Superstore looks to be a leading supplier of replacement face mask filters for all mask styles at the best prices for its customers.

The face mask industry emerged in North America back in March 2020 and spawned an entirely new business segment, the personal protection device industry. Overnight, demand exploded in the United States with very few retailers able to provision the supply for the huge demand for face masks. It was for this reason that BRAVADA International launched the Medical Mask Superstore, to provide an expansive selection of face mask options, specifically for the civilian population. It was not immediately evident the kind of face masks North American consumers would gravitate towards and there were more than a few surprises. Pure functionality quickly gave way for comfort, breathability and style. The clinical medical look of your standard KN95 face masks and surgical masks faded soon after as consumers opted for stylish graphic prints, made in the USA face masks, sport face masks and stylish blends that included various features and options. In addition, face masks that offer a rear pocket for PM2.5 replacement filters have been a big hit with the North American consumer.

“The last 3 months have been a whirlwind of adapting to fast moving consumer demand and ensuring disastrous inventory decisions were not made,” replied Danny Alex, CEO of BRAVADA International. “Many companies made costly errors in over purchasing products such as KN95 masks and blue surgical masks which were not enduring hits with consumers. We decided on a large selection of face mask options before we made significant decisions on which styles to invest in based on proven consumer demand. Now that consumers have had 3 months to decide on which masks they prefer, it is an ideal time to make those investments into inventory that is proving to be popular with our consumers. We intend to ensure the Medical Mask Superstore is one of the lowest priced online providers of top quality face masks and oral filtration devices in the USA.”

BRAVADA International just completed its second quarter ending June 30, 2020 and expects a revenue range of $1.7 million to $1.8 million in revenue for the first 6 months ending June 30. Revenue for the 2nd quarter is expected to be in a range of $1.3 Million – $1.4 Million. The Company has stated in previous releases that it expects to be a current filer again sometime in 2020 and is providing shareholders with ongoing information with regards to its operations.


BRAVADA International is an online retailer of women’s fashion, face masks and personal protection devices with multiple online properties and a real-world warehouse headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.


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