Mercedes S-class to sport rear seat air bags in 2021

The luxurious car of all time- Mercedes is to sport rear seat air bags in its new model. World’s first rear seat air bag for the safety of the passenger is to come. This rear seat air bag will protect the rear-seat passenger from any frontal crash.

The new S-Class will be the first car in the world to use airbags for rear-seat passengers. The company will officialy unveil the S-class model on 2nd of September. The latest information about the rear-seat airbag only bears testimony to the carmaker’s promise that the S-Class will be a pioneer in terms of technology and safety features.

The new S-class Mercedes air bags, designed in such a way that it will protect the rear seat passenger. In any kind of frontal crash it will protect the people in the car.

It will have child seats, optional Belt Bag and inflatable seat belts. In the Mercedes-Benz the airbags are mounted in the back of the front seat. It appears that the rear-seat airbags have a U-shaped design, just like the glove of a wicketkeeper. This particular shape of the airbags will help protect the passengers more securely.

New features

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class will have a new Pre-Safe Impulse Side function system. This system use radar sensors to detect side impact and protects the occupants.

The air cushions in the seats will help passengers to move towards the centre of the vehicle. The car will activate the E-Active Body Control suspension. The entire vehicle will rise preventing the impact through stiffer lower structure.

Additional features

The S-Class comes with five screens inside the car. Two of these five screens are for the front passengers and remaining three for the rear ones. The S-Class will come standard with a 12.8-inch OLED touchscreen – the main vehicle control display. Mercedes says this will remove 27 buttons from the centre console. The climate controls will be locked to the bottom of the display for easy access.

I am sure this car will turn out a mojor success in the Automobile industry. All the new features are amazing and will blow each and everyones mind.


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