Mumbai University: Exam details

Mumbai is grappling with the coronavirus situation and is one of the worst-hit city in India. India has now surpassed Russia, to become the third worst-hit country due to the coronavirus pandemic. With over 84,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection and over 23,000 active cases in Mumbai alone, the smooth functioning of educational institutions like schools and colleges are a distant vision. However, Mumbai University if finding ways to work around the situation. From the possibility of shifting to 25% of online classes of upcoming academic calendar to cancelling of examinations, here is everything you need to know about Mumbai University’s latest updates.

Mumbai University to follow State’s orders of examination cancellation
After the State’s announcement, Mumbai University might follow the final call of not conducting the final year exams due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases as well as the delay in the academic calendar. Maharashtra state education department had earlier announced that the examinations cannot be conducted in the State due to the rising numbers of coronavirus patients. The State cited that conducting examinations under such a condition pose as a high health risk for the students who will be appearing for the exams.

The State Minister for higher education stated that the examinations for all professional and non-professional degree and postgraduate courses for all the fourteen universities in the State will be optional. The fourteen varsities under the ministry also include Mumbai University. According to the State, it is for the students to decide if they want to give the exam or not. However, the optional examination is scheduled for later in the upcoming academic year.

The marking scheme for the results after the cancellation of exams will follow a 50-50 pattern. The final marks will be given following the average of previous performances and internal assessments. For students unhappy with the marking scheme can ask for the optional exams, the marks from the optional examination are considered final in such cases.

Mumbai University ATKT evaluation still uncertain
Mumbai University reportedly has over 73,000 students with ATKT out of the 2.03 lakh students. Even though the State has left the final evaluation call on the varsity, MU has still not come out with a solid statement. The students are waiting for the final assessment as the new academic year is set to begin, as per state orders.


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