Users of Snapchat to get mental health support in India

A very helpful feature is introduced by Snapchat for users to get mental health support.

Snapchat, On Monday, announced in-app support to users in India that they are introducing a new feature which is the mental health support feature for them. People who may experience mental health or emotional crisis during this pandemic or other various reasons can get real help from this feature.

The feature is called; “here for you” it is launched in collaboration with Mariwala health initiative a nonprofit organization aims to help an overwhelming majority of snap chatters in the country who experience feelings of stress and anxiety.

Mariwala health initiative has created resources around anxiety, depression, loneliness, suicide, and general mental health. They have been working on this serious issue to help our fellows with overcoming there are situations.

Users who are eager to know more about anxiety, depression, loneliness, suicide, and mental health can easily search these issues in Snapchat. The queries are being answered by clinical psychologists and mental health professionals. Moreover, the content covers topics such as ways to cope with mental health and how to spot signs and loved ones.

Jennifer Park Stout the Vice President of Global Public Policy snap Inc said,” that we speed up the initial launch of here for you in February because we recognized that in the wake of coronavirus are globally community needed support. We hope that the resources will launch today better empower them to take positive steps forward when it comes to well be”.


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