Will polar bear extinct in near future?

The polar bear is a hypercarnivorous bear. Due to the unexpected habitat loss the animals are called vulnerable species. They might be extinct in the near future if not saved. For decades, large-scale hunting raised international concern for the future of the species. But populations rebounded after controls and quotas began to take effect.

There are an estimated 22,000 to 31,000 polar bears in the wild. According to the World Wildlife Fund, although precise numbers are hard to determine due to their remote habitat. The species are listed as vulnerable.

Polar bears rely on sea ice for hunting seals, their primary food source, according to the new study. But the spread of ice has been on the decline as climate change accelerates the rise in temperatures at the poles. keeping them on land where it’s harder to catch seals.

The study found that declining sea ice has already pushed some polar bear populations to their survival limit. If greenhouse gas emissions stay on their current track. only polar bears living in the Queen Elizabeth Islands in Canada’s Arctic Archipelago will remain. by the end of the century. But even if emissions are curbed. sea ice will continue to melt in the coming years as a result of the current levels of carbon in the atmosphere, leading to a decline of polar bears, particularly in southern Arctic regions.

Polar bears are a keystone species in the Arctic that keep biological populations in check. Their loss would reverberate throughout the ecosystem. This is not the first time polar bears have faced extinction. In 1965, specialists warned that commercial polar bear hunting was pushing the species to extinction. which lead to a worldwide restriction on commercial hunting in 1973. And though the ban led to a resurgence in bear population numbers. melting sea ice now threatens the lives of the estimated 26, 000 polar bears that remain today.


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