Bengaluru faces a deadly violence over a Facebook post

Three people have died in Bengaluru over a facebook post. A deadly violence broke after a post regarding Prophet Muhammad.

Protesters clashed with police over a provocative social media post about the Prophet Muhammad. The Facebook post was offensive to Muslims. The protest took place in India’s tech hub on Tuesday night. A police station, politician’s house and vehicles had blown.

The Bangalore police said that the situation is now in control. The police used live ammunition to get rid off the mob. They flared tear gas and batons on the mob as well.

The mob burnt vehicles on the road and attacked the police stations- said the commissioner. “The police with no escape had to resort to firing. This caused three people to die,” according to Pant. 110 people arrested for alleged vandalism and attacking the police.

The police commissioner, Kamal Pant states that the person who was behind the post is under captive. The accused is Naveen, nephew of Congress politician R Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy.

The politician’s house was burned down and attacked in the violence. The police deleted the post. Facebook has not responded in this matter yet.

People claimed:

Mufti PM Muzammil of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind appealed for calm, saying that police had taken action against the provocateur.

TV channels showed a group of people gathered outside a police station and clashing with officers, burning several police vehicles. The videos showed the group trying to force its way into the police station, and another group gathering outside the politician’s house shouting, throwing stones, and setting fire to vehicles parked along the road.

Protesters blocked fire engines, and some media personnel were allegedly attacked, according to reports.

As per the TV channels:

“We are investigating the issue and will make use of the CCTV footages to see who is behind these violent acts, and will take stringent actions,” Karnataka state Home Minister Basavraj Bommai told a local TV news channel.


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