Here are some of dark secrets of Chinese concentration camps which will leave you dumbstruck

I can assure you that after reading this article, your ideas about China will change completely. Do you know? China runs Muslim concentration camps. Yes, concentration camps, camps where large number of people are imprisoned and are forced to work. These camps are relatively small with inadequate facilities for the people staying there.

Can you think the materials or the products which we use from China are basically made by their slaves? People are forced to go into the re-education camps to stop believing in God. The women are forced for abortion so that they cannot reproduce.

These concentration camps have three million Muslim slaves who are called Uyghurs. I can understand that it is hard to believe. Untill when a drone video was leaked. In that video there were hundreds of blind folded people, with shaved heads being transported to different camps.

After this one leaked video many more videos came out showing the same inhumanity. Due to high exposure of these kind of Concentration camps, The Chinese Government deliberately changed the name of these camps to re-education camps. This camps are run under the supervision of the Chinese Government.

People are constantly brainwashed into becoming atheist. Named: Atheist Pan-Chinese. In an interview a man who stayed in one of these camps said:”…For four days they strung me up like this….”,”For four days they didn’t let me sleep…”

People who are not purely Chinese are stolen in night and forcefully taken into these camps. If, there are children in the house they are simply left alone. Same happened to the group of Uyghurs- Chinese Muslims, who used to live in the Chinese region of Xing-jang. They were million of Uyghurs living there for centuries.

The people in the camps are stripped apart from there religion and brainwashed into a mindset of a terrorist. The children who are left alone are taken care by the Government. These Children are sent to the so called kindergarden where they are tought to be an atheist. Their mind are filled all sorts of pathetic garbage. All the values and religion their parents used to teach them are completely erased off.

When the adults of the family return in their house they see a whole new version of their children as well as their hometown. The place where they used to go to worship is vanished left in dust.

These people majorly the Uyghurs are forcefully made to work in big factories without their will. No wonder how China has placed itself in a position where almost everything is produced by them. Because of mass unwilling labour.

This should stop! we can stop this, You can stop this. The Uyghurs needs our help. We can stop using Chinese labelled products, which will drop the demand of any type of products. Eventually due to lack of demand their production will come to a standstill.

Till now many nations had broke their relations with China in terms of any production. India, has banned Chinese apps and its products. This is a good step in stopping this inhumanity.


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