Will Call Of Duty gain the same popularity as PUBG?

The Government banned 118 more chinese apps along with PUBG. At the initial stage 256 apps were banned where PUBG survived till date but at last it succumbed. Lesser was known to the hardcore PUBG fans that they had to witness such a heart breaking moment.

This decision was taken by the government on June 29. 25% of PUBG users were only and only from India with 175 million downloads all over. PUBG had gained an immense amount of popularity and was downloaded the most on summer. The question which arises after the banishment of PUBG is will there be any other game as good as Players Unknown Battleground?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because there are a few games like PUBG and No, because the thrust of these games do not match with PUBG. It is hard to tell whether the gamers will like the similar games or not. Call of Duty is one such game which can replace PUBG in near future. But will it succeed? Lets get into details as to whether COD shall gain popularity as PUBG.

lets start with the plus points of the game:  the newest release in the Call of Duty franchise is the cross play functionality. Since the beginning of multiplatform gaming, the war of console gaming has raged on. With the inclusion of cross play in this latest installment of Call of Duty, the war can finally be fought on the virtual battlefield. The lobbies populated by a mix of Playstation, Xbox, and PC players are alike, the competition grows ever more fierce, which is for sure a treat.

Weapon Customization has been a staple part of the Call of Duty Franchise and is just as important as the weapon itself. The options available at the start are little to none, but as you use a particular weapon, it levels up and as a result it unlocks attachments and perks. The attachments have their own pros and cons to them. For example, some attachments give better recoil control but take away movement speed, or an attachment grants an optic sight but reduces aiming down sights speed.  the graphics in the new Call of Duty are fantastic, crisp and clean, but what really stood out was the sound quality. The intensity that tha audio brings a lot to the experience. The deep, rumbling bass and crisp highs really add another layer to the gunfights going on around the map. The explosions from grenades and rockets rumble and the gunshots echo. 

Finally the cons: The issue with audio I have is that the footsteps are loud and clear enough to be useful, but the drawback is the footstep audio includes your teammates. That itself is enough to make the Cons list. Another thing that is more of a respective Con is the chaos across the battlefield. There is often a lot of things happening at once at any given time during the match. That could provide valuable cover or a distraction for some players or a hindrance and annoyance for others. Especially in the larger modes with the increase in player cap, things can get pretty hectic. It might take some time for players to get used too, coming from older COD games. The chaos can get overwhelming and seem to have to reason, making it difficult to adjust for some. 4

 The 4v4 modes have maps in rotation that have too much space and area, so the gunfights are fewer and far in between. Most of your time is spent running around looking for a kill and then dying to someone hidden off in a corner. The larger the player cap, the larger the maps get, and that is a good thing, but sometimes in the smaller playlist, those maps promote hiding and camping in a sense, and discourages the hectic, run and gun playstyle that so many COD players like, myself included. 


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Will Call Of Duty gain the same popularity as PUBG?

The Government banned 118 more chinese apps along with PUBG. At the initial stage 256 apps were banned where PUBG survived till...

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