6 Vitamins to Boost Hair Growth, According to a Trichologist*

We’ve all desired thicker, longer, healthier hair at some point in our lifetimes. The truth is, growing longer hair isn’t so cut and dried. There’s no simple equation or formula that will guarantee longer locks in weeks. In fact, there are a slew of factors that can affect your hair growth (or lack thereof), but there are also a variety of vitamins that experts say can, in fact, give you longer, stronger hair over time.* 

Whether you’re simply looking to sport a new, longer ‘do, your hair is naturally thinning, or you’ve seen some shedding uptake, don’t fret. It’s certainly possible to attain your length and thickness goals with the help of some mane-boosting vitamins for hair growth.*

We tapped a certified trichologist to get the scoop on these hair-boosting vitamins and how they work. And while you can reach for a hair growth supplement to reach your goals, incorporating these vitamins into your diet is beneficial, too.* Keep scrolling for six vitamins (well five vitamins and one mineral) for hair growth that actually work:* 

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