Fable Magic Link Review: The Best Hands-Free Leash

I quickly realized that a hands-free leash came with more benefits than keeping your paws free. Fable’s adjustable design lets me choose how to wear the body loop, which can adjust to different lengths. While some users opt to wear around their waist, I like to loop around my body. This gives me more control over the walk and keeps the leash relatively short, so my pup can’t excessively weave around my feet. 

My pup also wears a harness during walks, but I prefer to take it off when we’re home to ensure she doesn’t overheat or get tangles in her fur. I love that the Magic Link can easily clip onto the harness when she’s wearing one, but it also can serve as a slip-on collar for quick potty breaks throughout the day. 

Plus, the durable design feels extremely sturdy. I’ve never had to worry about the leash snapping or the hardware breaking during my walks—something that used to constantly plague my mind. The rubber material is also extremely easy to clean, which is a must for my dusty gravel-based dog park.

I’m relieved that walks are finally a good experience for both of us; I can scroll through work emails or drink coffee while knowing my pup is securely heeling at my side.

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