Mediterranean-Inspired Creamy Mushroom & Chestnut Soup Recipe

Chestnuts aren’t just for plain ol’ roasting over an open fire. This Mediterranean-inspired dish uses them alongside one of our other favorite ingredients, mushrooms, to create a perfectly balanced soup that’s great for this time of year.

From America’s Test Kitchen‘s More Mediterranean, this recipe is a variation on a traditional dish from Turkey, which is the third-largest producer of chestnuts in the world. Specifically, the authors write: “We were inspired by kestane çorbasi, a pureed chestnut soup that can lean sweet or savory depending on who is at the stovetop. Along with the woodsy, rich chestnuts, our soup achieves an appealing sweet-savory balance from shallots and mushrooms (both classic ingredients). The addition of baharat in our version, which we saw in some ­recipes, manages to augment all the distinct flavors in the soup with its ­complex spice.”

Baharat is a popular seasoning blend in Turkey, that usually includes spices like paprika, nutmeg, cumin, and cinnamon—but similar to garam masala, it can vary depending on where it’s made (or who makes it). Though this is a traditionally a pureed soup, in this version, the authors call for stirring in sautéed shiitakes after blending, for welcome added texture and some bonus mushroom benefits.

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